We live on a farm and make epic rock music


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Spidercat. We are Badger, Ratty, and Dog. We live on a farm in Sussex and make epic, progressive, retro rock/pop. We are not a spider, or a cat.

Badger Brewington on Bass, Vocals, and Keys. Space-shaman, eco-spiritualist, Artist, and Poet. Can feel the energy on Mount Caburn. Loves ale and mushrooms.

Ratty Hadders on Guitar. Fuzzjunkie, personal hygene issues, stoner, and uber geek. Likes fixing tractors and making his own guitar pedals. Loves ale and weed.

Doggy Dunton on drums. Gentleman farmer, bon-viveur, and charmer. Knows the name of every plant. Loves good food and pinot noir.

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