Look At The Moon

April 28, 2023

Look At The Moon cover image

Look At The Moon. A psych-rock epic telling of Badger’s shamanistic rituals. Travelling to another space and time on the psychedelic potions of the shaman spirit master. Will he ever return? What we he tell us? Who will he be?

  • Badger sings, plays 4-string Jazz bass, does synth noodles, and travels to the spirit world.
  • Ratty plays 6-string electric guitars of various kinds and smokes far too much weed.
  • Dog plays the drums, congas, various bells, and wears a cravat. Jolly good!

Production by Ratty.

Cover by Badger. It features Badger and The Shaman under a full moon.


Look at the moon
Shining in the night sky
Hear the rain
Splashing on your windowpane
Feel the sun
Shining down on everyone
And the wind
Blowing through your mind
Blowing through your mind
Blowing your mind away

In the pages of a book
Long ago forgotten
Lies a recipe to alter minds
How to gather up the herbs
Mix them with the spices
And how to say the magic word

And when it happens
It really really happens
It takes you to another space and time
All colours dancing the sunlight are alright
It never has to end
It never really ends


As the Shaman sings his song
The fire slowly rises
The shadows dance upon the wall
As I gaze into the flames
They seem to paint a picture
But am I really here at all?

But then it happened
It really really happened
It took me to another space and time
All the colours dancing in the moonlight
Were out of sight
It really blew my mind
It really blew my mind
It really messed my mind
Let Ratty do it