So Green

October 22, 2022

So Green cover image

So Green. A delicious slice of classic English psychedelica. Written by Spidercat’s vocalist, bass player, and shaman, Badger Brewington, it tells of his love of the Sussex countryside. A dreamy George Harrison-esque verse gives way to a chorus of bubbling groovy bass and catchy organ hooks, in the middle is an excursion into jazz. Truly a slice of WAH filled wonderment.

  • Badger sings, plays 4-string Jazz bass, keyboards, and experiments with psilocybin micro-dosing.
  • Ratty plays 6-string electric guitars of various kinds and smokes far too much weed.
  • Dog plays the drums and wears a cravat. Jolly good!

Mixing and mastering by Ratty.

Cover by Badger. It features Ratty walking past the old barn.


So green
Love song of the lark
Kaleidoscopic emerald canopy
Bow hills
Ancient as the stone
Old Gods proud before the sea
Oak heart
Majestic Sussex weed
Lay your seed spread before the sun
Glorious Mu
Buddha of the field
Mother earth goddess divine

So green
So alive
All conspires to satisfy my eye
My eye
My eye

Take my hand
Lead me to the wood
Tenderly to teach me of your heart
Freeze the sun
Static in the sky
Forever in your arms to lie

So green
So alive
All conspires to satisfy my eye
My eye
My eye